We offer Certified Texas License to Carry Training courses, usually on a monthly basis. Renewals are welcome. For more information contact the instructor, Mark Frick or David Frick - Certified NRA Pistol Instructors, member of Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors Association, Texas State Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association.

For those thinking of securing a License to Carry
More information on License to Carry

Introductory Handgun and Shooting Class - $40
Beginning January 2012, 3rd Saturday of every month 9am-11am
Bring the gun you want to learn how to handle. Contact Jerry Mitchell 903 245-4921

Unscheduled Monday class: Minimum 6 Students

Thursday Class - Call (903) 839-4888 or email dpfrick@gmail.com for Registration or Questions

Saturday Class - Call (903) 849-3521 or email mfrick.chl@gmail.com for Registration or Questions